Menorah Tallit Prayer Shawl


  • Kippah
  • Jerusalem Grafted in Tallit, Acrylic

Menorah Tallit Prayer Shawl


A blue and white, Menorah symbol, prayer shawl. ACRYLIC. Size (cm): 60/180

Size: Small: 60/180cm (24/70inches), Medium: 80/180cm (31/70)

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Tallit (Yiddish: Talles) is a quadrangular jewish garment, or a prayer shawl, used since ancient times as a cloak. Nowadays Tallit is worn only as a prayer shawl for morning prayers and also by a broom on a sephardic weddings and by father on a circumcision ceremony. Orthodox religious Jews also wear a “small tallit” (Tallit Katan), which is worn above an underwear and under a shirt, Tallit Katan is worn throughout a day. Tallit was worn by Jesus Christ, which is mentioned in the New Testament several times, for example when a women that had a blood flow for a dozen years suddenly came from behind and touched the border of His garment and thus she got healed. Later, wherever Jesus Christ entered – into a village, into a city or into a country, the sick just begged Him that they might touch a corners of his garment and those who touched them got healed.

God commanded Moses (Numbers, chapter 15) to tell the Jewish people to make tassels (Tzitzit) on the four corners of their garments and to weave a blue wool thread into them. How do we know which garment is mentioned in the Bible? This is further described in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 22: “Make yourself tassels on the four corners of your cloak, that you cover yourself with”.

The blue thread mentioned by the Bible is wool thread colored by blood of a sea animal named “khilazon”. Color of this wool, similar to the skyblue color, was supposed to remind the Jews about skies – symbol of purity and spirituality and thus to turn their thought to the Most High, Who is named in the Bible “The One Who is Sitting in Heaven”. However the original blue color “tkhelet”, made from the blood of khilazon is very rare and also not all the scholars agree that the blue “tkhelet” color we get nowadays is the same blue “tkhelet” color that was present in the Biblical times, since the technology of obtaining “tkhelet” was lost for hundreds of years while the Jewish people were living in exile. For this reason nowadays almost all tassels are white and this is also allowed by the Bible, provided that these tassels are woven with intention to fulfil the biblical commandment about Tzitzit.

Usually Tallits have stripes of different colors, mostly black and dark-blue, but also white (especially in Sephardic tradition), sky-blue and even purple and pink. Tallits might also contain silver or blue stripes and may feature various decorations – Seven Species of the Holy Land, Jerusalem Old City, Star of David, Menorah, name of the owner and many other themes. The Flag of Israel is actually designed basing on a prayer shawl with blue stripes with the Star of David in the middle.

Size: Small: 60/180cm (24/70 inches), Medium: 80/180cm (31/70 inches)

Price includes shipping.

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