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Jewish kippah, also named “Yarmulkah”.

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Kipa (kippah), or Yermolka – Jewish headdress for men. The name “kip” comes from Heb. words that can mean a dome of a building, “apex” or some kind of “covering” in general (for example the modern “Iron Dome” – in Hebrew sounds like “Kipat a-barzel”). The constant wearing of a bale and a headdress was not originally a law of Judaism, however, the tradition of covering the head is many hundreds of years: even in the Pentateuch, there is a commandment to Koenam priests to wear headdress during their service in the Temple. Today, the custom of covering the head — first of all, when pronouncing blessings, during prayers and other services — took root as generally accepted in Judaism, and the bale became a distinctive feature of any religious Jew: religious Jews wear a bale throughout the day as a reminder of God and how symbol of piety. It is very likely that the headdresses of priests in Christianity — for example, cardinal caps — are borrowed from Judaism.

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Weight 24 kg

White and Blue star of David, White and Silver star of David, White and Blue Grafted In, Full dark Blue, Blue White Stripes, White Blue Stripes, White Silver Stripes, Dark Blue With Stripes


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