Hand Painted Silk Tallit for Women


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Hand Painted Silk Tallit for Women


Tallit prayer shawl for women, Hand painted silk and rayon.

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Tallit is a special quadrangular garment, usually made from wool, with tassels (Tzitzit threads) attached to its four corners and worn by Jews during the Morning Prayer Shacharit and in some case to fulfill commandments – for example father dresses up in Tallit during circumcision of his child, groom dresses up in Tallit during his wedding, etc. Another name of Tallit is “Tallit Gadol”, or a “Large Tallit”, unlike the “Tallit Katan” a “Small Tallit”, which is worn as an undershirt and is actually underwear with tassels attached to its four corners. Many observing Jews wear “Tallit Katan” as underwear routinely, the whole day and “Tallit Gadol” for morning prayers and other above-mentioned purposes. The commandment to put on Tallit originates from the Bible (Numbers 15): “Make yourself tzitzit (tassels) on the (4) corners of your clothes … (Look at Tzitzit) and remember all the commandments of the Most High, and you will fulfill them…”. So one of the main purposes served by the Tzitzit is to remind us about Biblical commandments and to push us to fulfill them with due diligence. There is also amazing numerical decoding of Tzitzit – the total sum of the number of strands (8) and knots (5), 13 elements in total, plus the numerical value of the Hebrew word “Tzitzit” (600), meaning tassels, equals 613, reminding us about 613 commandments in the Torah.

In the neckband section of Tallit there is an inclusion named “atara”. It may sometimes be woven with silver or gold thread, encrusted with crystals and even gemstones, may or may not contain blessing to be cited when we dress in Tallit: “Blessed are You, Lord our God that has sanctified us with his commandments and commanded us to wrap ourselves in Tzitzit.” After citing this blessing Jews first wrap Tallit around their heads, then place it on their shoulders. It can be placed upon a jacket if you are wearing a jacket, or even above the coat. European Jews (Ashkenazic) only wear Tallit after the get married, while Eastern Jews (Sephardic) put on Tallit from the day of their Bar-Mitzva, a ceremony of getting into religious adulthood.

Tallits usually contain stripes of different colors – most widely seen are dark-blue and black, but also plain white, sky-blue, purple, pink, might or might not contain gold and silver stripes, may feature woven decorations of Jerusalem, symbols of Judaism, name of the owner and many other themes. The Flag of Israel is actually symbolizing a prayer shawl with blue stripes with the Star of David in the middle.

This modern women’s prayer shawl features a hand-painted silk band with shades of purple and blue, like the sun setting over hills of Jerusalem. The hand-painted silk band around the top of the prayer shawl has gold lettered Hebrew blessing meaning “G-d made us holy through commanding us to don the tzitzit”.
This prayer shawl is hand-made by female artists on a kibbutz in the Western Galilee who pride themselves on quality and beauty. The Galilee Silk prayer shawl with its bold and beautiful colors is a modern version of the traditional tallit. Made out of white rayon and hand painted silk.

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