"Tribute Penny" Silver Coin Set in a Sterling Silver Setting


“Tribute Penny” Silver Coin Set in a Sterling Silver Setting


“Tribute Penny” Silver Denarius Coin Set in a Sterling Silver Setting. Please choose if you would like to order Tiberius or Augustus denarius.

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It is written in the Gospels of John, Luke and Mark that pharisees and herodians came to Jesus Christ to catch him in a word. They called him “Teacher” and asked him if it is permissible to pay taxes to Caesar or not. Jesus knew that this is a trap and thus he told them to bring him a denarius. They brought him a denarius, and he asked them whose image is depicted on the denarius. They answered him: “Caesar’s”. Then Jesus told them” Give the Caesar’s to the Caesar and give the God’s to the God”.

It is generally accepted in the numismatic circles, that the coin mentioned in the Gospels is a Roman denarius and the Caesar whose image is depicted on it belongs to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who reign took place between 14-37 CE, during the ministry of Jesus Christ. However the vast majority of Roman denariis dated to the lifetime of Jesus Christ found in Israel are those with image of Emperor Augustus. Therefore it still remains an open question to which coin the scriptures refer, so the both coins are regarded as “Tribute penny”.

The obverse of this silver coin depicts portrait of either Tiberius or Augustus turned right, with inscription surrounding the portraits and detailing Emperors’ the titles. The reverse of the Augustus coin depicts images of Gaius and Lucius Caesar facing each other, with spears and shields between them. The reverse of the Tiberius coin depicts a seating female figure holding a scepter and branch and facing right.

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Augustus, Tiberius


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