"Widows Mite" Pendant, Alexander Jannaeus Coin


“Widows Mite” Pendant, Alexander Jannaeus Coin


“Widows Mite” Pendant, Alexander Jannaeus Coin in 14K gold setting.

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“Widows Mite” coin is a real authentic bronze coin struck by the Jewish Maccabean King Alexander Jannae in the Judeah in 103 BC – 76 BC. This coin, set in a high-quality 14 karat gold pendant setting is of high quality and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

It is mentioned in the New Testament that when Jesus Christ and the Apostles were sitting in the Holy Temple and watching people making donations, one poor widow put two mites in the treasury. Then Jesus called his disciples and said that despite putting just two mites, she has made a bigger donation than anybody else did, because that the others have put their excessive money, while the poor women put everything she had, sacrificing her last money that she could use to buy herself food.

It is believed that Alexander Jannae coin, struck between 103 BC-76 BC and used as a mean of payment in the time of Jesus Christ is actually that coin donated by the poor widow in the Temple. Alexander Yannai (125-76 BC) was the king of the Jews of the Hasmonean dynasty and high priest in 103-76. BC. The third son of John Hyrcanus. During his reign, Judea established hegemony over the entire territory of Palestine, and conquered Gaza (99 BC). In domestic politics, Alexander Yannai relied on the Sadducees, which caused discontent and rebellion of the Pharisees, which, however, was cruelly suppressed with the help of foreign mercenaries. In his early youth, Alexander was sent to study in Galilee, where he received good military training. When his brother Aristobulus I (104–103 BC) came to power after the death of his father, Alexander was imprisoned, but Aristobul I soon died. His widow, Salome-Alexander (Shlomcion), freed Alexander and, according to Jewish custom, became the wife of Alexander – the only contender for the royal throne, and succeeded him as a ruler of Judea. This coin is set in 14K-gold pendant setting.

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