Shabat, or Sabbath is the seventh day of creation, it is the seventh day of the week, the Jewish Saturday. In Judaism, Shabat is a holy day, which is commanded to honor and observe, as a sign that God created this world for six days, and rested on the seventh day. Traditionally, Shabat is a day of rest, a day of Sabbath rest: it is forbidden to work on Shabat. Jews celebrate Shabat as a holiday: they greet Shabat by lighting candles, arrange Shabat meals with solemnity, devote Shabat to spiritual growth, study Torah, spend time with family and close friends, always wishing each other “Shabat Shalom!” – the traditional Saturday greeting, wishing peace Shabat, or “Gut Shabes!” (In Yiddish, “good Saturday!”). Observing Shabat is considered one of the basic commandments of Judaism: by observing Shabat and staying away from work on this day, a Jew declares the belief that God is the Creator of the world and that He controls all processes in it.

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