The consecration of the Sabbath or Holyday over a glass of wine. From what was said in the Torah: “Remember the day of Shabbat, to consecrate it…” our sages taught that it is necessary to mention the sanctity of Shabbat (to make Kiddush) on Shabbat and Holidays. They obliged us to do this at the very beginning over a glass of wine and forbade even to try any kind of food before you make the Kiddush. And although Kiddush can be made not only for wine but also for bread, it is necessary to consecrate Shabbat for wine or pure grape juice initially, except when it is difficult to get the wine or if it is difficult for a person to drink it for any reason. The Holy Communion in Christianity actually originates from the Kiddush since Jesus Christ was doing Kiddush over wine and bread on the Sabbath and Holidays.

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