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  • Canukkiah

    Canukkiah (12)

    Products for the Hanukkah holiday from the Holy-Land.
  • Chanukkah Collection

    Chanukkah Collection (10)

    Hanukkah (Chanukkah) festival lasts eight days, starting from the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev. This holiday is associated with the name of Yehuda Hashmonai, also known as Maccabi or Maccabee, and his adherents. It is dedicated to the purification of the Jerusalem Temple after its liberation from the Greeks in 164 BC. During the Hasmonean rebellion against King Antiochus, who forbade the Jews to obey the precepts of their faith (circumcision and sacrifice in the Temple), Yehuda defeated Lilias, the leader of the army of Antiochus, and entered Jerusalem, which was in the hands of the Greeks. The Hashmones cleansed the Temple of idolatry, restored the remaining utensils, and replaced the defective and stolen items with a new one. After that, they resumed the order of Temple's work and sacrifice. The cleansing of the altar was celebrated for eight days and was accompanied by grateful chants and sacrifices. The primary commandment of this holiday is the lighting of Hanukkah candles. On the first night of the holiday, one candle is lit, one more candle is added to each subsequent one. Thus, on the eighth night, eight candles burn.
  • Kiddush

    Kiddush (11)

    The consecration of the Sabbath or Holyday over a glass of wine. From what was said in the Torah: “Remember the day of Shabbat, to consecrate it…” our sages taught that it is necessary to mention the sanctity of Shabbat (to make Kiddush) on Shabbat and Holidays. They obliged us to do this at the very beginning over a glass of wine and forbade even to try any kind of food before you make the Kiddush. And although Kiddush can be made not only for wine but also for bread, it is necessary to consecrate Shabbat for wine or pure grape juice initially, except when it is difficult to get the wine or if it is difficult for a person to drink it for any reason. The Holy Communion in Christianity actually originates from the Kiddush since Jesus Christ was doing Kiddush over wine and bread on the Sabbath and Holidays.

    MENORAH (11)

    All kinds of Menorahs from the Holy-Land.
  • mezuzah

    mezuzah (10)

    All kinds of Mezuzahs you want from the Holy-Land.
  • Shabat

    Shabat (17)

    Shabat, or Sabbath is the seventh day of creation, it is the seventh day of the week, the Jewish Saturday. In Judaism, Shabat is a holy day, which is commanded to honor and observe, as a sign that God created this world for six days, and rested on the seventh day. Traditionally, Shabat is a day of rest, a day of Sabbath rest: it is forbidden to work on Shabat. Jews celebrate Shabat as a holiday: they greet Shabat by lighting candles, arrange Shabat meals with solemnity, devote Shabat to spiritual growth, study Torah, spend time with family and close friends, always wishing each other “Shabat Shalom!” - the traditional Saturday greeting, wishing peace Shabat, or “Gut Shabes!” (In Yiddish, “good Saturday!”). Observing Shabat is considered one of the basic commandments of Judaism: by observing Shabat and staying away from work on this day, a Jew declares the belief that God is the Creator of the world and that He controls all processes in it.
  • Shavuot Collection

    Shavuot Collection (22)

    Shavuot is a widely known Jewish holiday. According to the Holy Bible, Shavuot resembles the Festival of Weeks. This day is celebrated on the 6th day of Sivan month. Shavuot symbolizes the ancient wheat harvest festival and some people celebrate this day as the remembrance of the anniversary of the day when God gave Torah at Mount Sinai. To commemorate the event there are several traditions followed by people all around the world. They study Jewish text in depth, which is termed as Tikkun. On this holy day, people read the Book of Ruth as a tradition. Dairy foods such as cheesecake, cheese kreplach are traditionally consumed on this holiday. To mark the ancient grain festival, some people also decorate their living place with flowers.
  • Tallit

    Tallit (10)

    Prayer Shawls straight from the Holy-Land.
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