Special Sale on the Holy Day Shavuot

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Shavuot is a widely known Jewish holiday. According to the Holy Bible, Shavuot resembles the Festival of Weeks. This day is celebrated on the 6th day of Sivan month. Shavuot symbolizes the ancient wheat harvest festival and some people celebrate this day as the remembrance of the anniversary of the day when God gave Torah at Mount Sinai. To commemorate the event there are several traditions followed by people all around the world. They study Jewish text in depth, which is termed as Tikkun. On this holy day, people read the Book of Ruth as a tradition. Dairy foods such as cheesecake, cheese kreplach are traditionally consumed on this holiday. To mark the ancient grain festival, some people also decorate their living place with flowers.

On this very special day, we are offering a 10% special sale on Torah scrolls, Tallits, Kippahs and Israeli food (olive oil). Prepare yourself with the best quality of products for the holy occasion. We offer only quality product at the best price.

Torah Scrolls

We offer high-quality of Torah scrolls. Sefer Torah is a handwritten copy of the holy book Torah. It is generally read during Jewish prayer. Jewish people have a tradition of staying awake all the night and studying Torah on Shavuot. We always maintain high standards of our products and ensure the usage of only quality materials.


A tallit is a traditional emblem for religious Jews. It is also known as the Jewish prayer shawl. It is worn by males either under or over the clothing. We offer only the best quality cloth for tallits and have a variety of colors and designs in our online collection. You are welcome to choose your best-suited one.


Jewish men usually cover their head by wearing a kippah. It is believed to show respect and honor to God. We have a large stock of stylish kippah’s. They come in different sizes and colors allowing you to choose among different designs making it easier to choose the right one for you. We ensure the best price and comfortness of every kippah. Cover your head with our amazingly designed stylish kippah. Get your kippah directly from Israel!

Israeli Food (olive oil)

From the ancient times, olive oil is widely known for its healing power. It is also termed as liquid gold due to its beneficial uses. It helps to cure your body not only physically but also spiritually. Researchers have already made their statements about the enormous benefits of olive oil which are making people more aware of its advantages. Olive oil can help you cut down on body fats and may reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Your immunity system may be strengthened by using it on a daily basis which will help you to lead a healthy life and lifestyle. We offer extra virgin grade olive oil which is rich in polyphenol, which is one of the most important elements is of olive oil and is responsible for a variety of advantageous properties. You can also use olive oil to fuel your lamps, taking care of your furniture and many other ways.

Make the special day more special by purchasing your desired products for you and your loved ones. We are spreading the holiness of this day with our precious customers. We want you to be fully prepared. Have a nice holiday.

Special Sale on the Holy Day Shavuot

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