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Welcome to our new official ancient boat website and online store We would love to make your journey memorable to the heart of the Holy Land, Israel. We are happy to declare our tourist center location which is at Ginosar on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Enjoy your journey by visiting our Ancient Boat Museum and Tourist Center. Every year we host a wide number of history devotee, travelers, and tourists who show their deep quest to visit the highly precious biblical place on earth. We are glad to inform you that, from now on you can purchase your desired products through our online store. Purchasing these items will fetch you closer to the core of your belief. When you purchase a product, you are actually contributing toward boosting local business and communities. It will also help us to maintain our port and the museum.

We are offering a 10% special sale for the re-opening of the website. We are watchful and careful about our services and your satisfaction is our topmost priority. We want you to experience the holy feeling of being in Israel by visiting our website. We are happy to announce the introduction of some of our amazing products in the renovated online store.

Jewels in The Bible

The holy bible has hundreds of verses mentioning different kinds of jewels and precious stones. Jewels were extensively popular and considered as precious material in the earliest times. Jewel stones are not something created by humans. Jewels are natural and in many cases hold deep meaning. Every jewel is unique and different in its own way as every jewel holds different meanings and shares a different story and history. It was known to be a symbol of value, beauty, faith, and belief. According to the deity, if a person wears jewels and dresses with precious historical stones that person is considered more pleasant.


Make a charismatic statement by offering your hand in marriage. Start your new chapter of life with us or simply present a gift that’s memorable and unique. We will be glad to be a part of your happy event and make it memorable with our beautifully handcrafted rings. We care for your needs and feelings and our unique rings, with their amazing design and value are the best option as a ring for you or your loved one.


Give yourself an elegant look and portray the vibe of young age with our pendants. We have a wide range of beautifully designed pendant collections making every pendant unique in its own way. We are offering stylish, modern and classic collections of pendants and we are sure you will find every pendant, a piece of art.


We are offering the most unique bracelets of all time. We have beautiful collection of uniquely designed bracelets for you to choose from. Make your choice from our wide range of collections, give yourself a modern, yet classy look with our high-quality bracelets. Every bracelet is handcrafted with deep care, love and dexterity to ensure a unique look for everyone wearing them.


From the history of Hanukkah, it was told that people will celebrate Hanukkah when the days will grow shorter and the nights will get longer. To make a special occasion more special, today we are offering amazingly designed Hanukkah items for you to choose from. Discover the breath-taking Hanukkah collection and make the Festival of Lights memorable. Make your holiday beautiful by choosing your favorite Hanukkah items from our wide range of collections. You can put a smile on your loved one with a beautifully designed Hanukkah gift! We have all the designs you may cherish for a very long time. Choose your best-suited one and enjoy the holiday.

Nano Bible Products

We are more excited to let you know that the incredible Nano Bible products are now available in our new online store. It contains all books of the Holy Bible, both the Old and New Testaments in it. You can now order it from our online store.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any question about any of our online product, please feel free to contact us. You are always welcome to order and we would love to serve your desired products to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. It will give you all the latest activity we do and it will keep you updated.

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