How Christians Rediscover their Hebraic Legacy in Hanukkah Menorah

The Hanukkah menorah has nine branches instead of seven branches to preserve the original divine design. The eight branches of the symbolical tree of life represent the eight days the menorah kept lighting, despite having oil sufficient to last a day. The miraculous event inspired the Jewish Holiday: Hanukkah. Christians should join their Jewish brethren to celebrate the holy day as part of efforts to rediscover their heritage.


What the Blessing Ring Symbolizes and Why it’s Important to Wear it

Make a strong statement to the world. Leave lasting positive impressions of wealth, authority, faithfulness, assertiveness, affection, love and lineage. We've a wide array of handmade blessing rings, just for you. Our artisans have embedded precious metals in gold and silver rings to bring out the best of tailor-made rings. Read on to learn more about why rings are important to wear.


How People Have Used Olive oil Over Centuries

Freshen up yourself and your home with our rejuvenating collection of aromatic and sweet-tasting 100% pure olive oil. Keep your skin radiant all the time, protect it from harmful sunrays, and scare away vermin. Use olive oil daily to achieve a perfect balance between your mind, body and spirit. You get all these benefits and more. Olive oil has million-and-one uses. Read on to learn more.


How the Discovery of the First-century Galilean Boat Confirmed the Accounts of the Gospel and Josephus Flavius

It wasn’t clear how many people steered the first-century Galilean watercraft for many centuries until 1986. The Gospel books gave us accounts, but they left us to guess crew size and passenger capacity. The boat’s discovery has illuminated us, and now we’re certain that a maximum of five people steered the boat. The Gospel accounts indicate that the boat accommodates more than five people, but Josephus Flavius confirms this by indicating that the boat can accommodate around 15 people.


Could the Judean Woman Suffering From Chronic Bleeding Have Touched the “hem” of Jesus’s Garment to get Healed?

While Jesus’s actions may seem to have violated the Mosaic Law (or Jewish traditions), if the woman who suffered from chronic bleeding touched the “hem” or tassel of His garment, then the ancient laws and the covenant held great significance in her healing. The books of Numbers and Deuteronomy give a biblical context of the tassel. This part holds great significance, and it’s possible that, had the woman touched a different part, she couldn’t have healed.


Understanding Jesus’s Miracles and Faith From a Hebrew Perspective

There are three chief reasons why the actions of the Judean woman to touch Jesus’s garment were controversial – and revolutionary. For one, it’s against the custom of Judea for a man to touch and talk to a woman who isn’t clearly his mother, daughter or wife. Second, the Judean society is male-dominated, and so the treatment of men and women isn’t equal. Third, lepers are social outcasts in the society.

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