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The Battle of Hattin

Even during the life of the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin IV, since he was mortally ill with leprosy, the heir to the throne became his seven-year-old nephew Baldwin V, and regent – Count Raymond of Tripoli. Count of Tripoli, using his power, concluded a truce with Saladin for four years. A year later, the young king unexpectedly died, and the heir to the throne had to choose among the two sisters of Baldwin IV: Sibylla and Isabella.

Josephus Flavius – Historian and a Warlord

Josephus Flavius was a famous Jewish historian and a military leader. Josephus is famous for the works that have come down to us in Greek - "The Jewish War" (about the uprising of 66–71) and "Antiquities of the Jews" (which sets out the history of the Jews from the...

The Sacred Torah Scroll

Torah Scroll is the text of the Pentateuch of Moses (Humash), used for the public reading of the Torah in the synagogue. First Torah Scrolls It is known that the Almighty spelled out the Torah of Moshe on Mount Sinai. Before his death, Moshe wrote in the Holy language...

Menorah – The Eternal Symbol of Israel

Menorah is the golden seven-candle lamp, used during the ritual service in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem (the word "menorah" - in Hebrew, "lamp"). The Menorah consisted of a central lamp and six symmetrical "branches" extending from it: three on one side and three on...

Capernaum – The Home of Apostles

Capernaum has an archaeological site and two monasteries, an Orthodox and a Catholic. The city was founded about 2500 years ago. The town flourished in the 1st century because of its location on the border of Herod Antipas state.

Bethlehem – The Birthplace of Christ

Bethlehem is located about 8 km south of Jerusalem and is currently actually bordered by it. The city has one of the World’s oldest Christian communities, although its number has fallen as a result of emigration in recent years.

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