The Balfour Declaration of 1917

Balfour Declaration (of 1917), is a declaration on the benevolent attitude of Great Britain towards the Zionist aspirations of the Jews. The Balfour Declaration was addressed to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (see Rothschild, family) by Arthur James Balfour, British Foreign Secretary, on November 2, 1917. It was published a week later.


Dead Sea – the Endangered Miracle

The Dead Sea is considered to be one of the most saline water reservoirs on Earth, and salinity reaches 33.7%. The lake is 67 km long, 18 km wide at its widest point, and a maximum depth of 378 m.


Galilee – Israel’s Most Beautiful Region

In the territory of Galilee, a series of the most dramatic episodes of this war broke out. The conquest of Galilee by Vespasian brought closer the fall of Jerusalem, in defense of which the militia of Galilee, headed by Johanan of Gishal, distinguished itself the most. Eleazar bin Yair, the head of Masada's defenders, was also from Galilee.


The Great Jewish Revolt

The instigators of active resistance to Roman rule, according to Josephus Flavius, were Yehuda of Gamla and a Pharisee named Tzadok, who, raising the political freedom of Israel into a religious commandment, called upon the masses to openly disobey the Romans; thus the Zealots movement arose, developed from the radical wing of the Pharisees and became the driving force of the anti-Roman rebellion.


Jerusalem – the Sacred City

Jerusalem is an ancient Middle Eastern city, lying on the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas, at an altitude of 650-840 m above sea level. Jerusalem is among the oldest cities in the world is its age of over 3,500 years.


The Battle of Hattin

Even during the life of the King of Jerusalem, Baldwin IV, since he was mortally ill with leprosy, the heir to the throne became his seven-year-old nephew Baldwin V, and regent - Count Raymond of Tripoli. Count of Tripoli, using his power, concluded a truce with Saladin for four years. A year later, the young king unexpectedly died, and the heir to the throne had to choose among the two sisters of Baldwin IV: Sibylla and Isabella.


The Sacred Torah Scroll

Torah Scroll is the text of the Pentateuch of Moses (Humash), used for the public reading of the Torah in the synagogue. First Torah Scrolls It is known that the…

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