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The Jerusalem Nano Bible

Ensures that the Word of God is with you all the time.

The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the finest gift from the Holy Land, embodies the lengths to which technology and faith can cooperate to serve God.

In so doing, you can carry God’s Word wherever you go and play a part in opening a conversation about your faith.

Nano Bible Collection

Our Latest Articles

Jewels In The Bible

Jewels have been worn since time immemorial. In the past, the deities required people to look pleasant. And so, people wore a lot jewels and precious stones to appease the deities. David offered to build a temple to dedicate jewellery to God. Even today, wearing lots of jewels makes a strong statement about your moral standing and status.


20% OFF Entire Kiddush Collection

Take a look at out Kiddush collection for anything you may need to upgrade your ceremony.

Olive Wood

The olive wood cross is made of a material which comes from a sacred tree. The Bible makes a lot of indirect references to the olive tree. The symbolic trees represent knowledge of good and bad, life, pride, beauty, protection, judgment, dependency and royalty.


Mezuzah focuses small leaks of the Light in a powerful way that scares and blinds the evil spirits. While we can’t prevent the door from leaking the small portions of the divine light, the mezuzah makes the ray more lethal. But a mezuzah doesn’t just protect your sanctuary from evil spirits, it symbolizes the Covenant between God and the Jewish society.

Shofar Blowing

Shofar blowing is a means to salvage ourselves temporarily from judgment by God’s prosecuting angel. The intention is to please God so that He inscribes our names in the book of life even before the prosecutor realizes it. There are many occasions in which the shofar is blown.

Anointing Oil

Anointing oil has many religious and secular uses, as it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Since our spirits are lamps, the oil keeps them illuminated, saving them from darkness and giving us an understanding of God’s Word. That’s why we should always dress ourselves in the anointing oil.

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Make a bold statement to the world, as you tie knot or offer your hand in marriage. Our artisans will handcraft rings to suit your special needs and occasions.


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Charm sets

If you’ve been scratching your head over what you’re going to gift your loved ones. Worry no more. We’ve a personalized collection of ready-to-wear charm sets.

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